Step 1

You could probably figure out how to do a profile view from the head tutorial . However, there is a certain specific convention for drawing certain specific profiles, so I thought I'd go over it. Note that not all characters should be drawn this way. Older characters, especially older males, just aren't this cute. Even the Bishoujo Senshi's are usually portrayed with a more or less realistic profile. But if you want to do Pokemon or Cardcaptors type characters, you can use this convention. Added bonus -- this drawing method is pretty simple.
Start by drawing a square. This square is square, because, as you'll recall, the head in side view is about as long front to back as high. Draw the 'X' to find the center of the side plane, and divide the face side into thirds. profile1-1
Did I say this was simple? There is one tough part. Draw a circle inside the square. To simplify matters, put little dots on the square at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock ect., then draw the circle in quarters. Notice that my circle is, again, offset slightly above and behind the square. I guess this is just a little quirk of mine, which you should probably ignore. profile1-2
Now the fun part. Draw a straightish line, roughly parallel to the curve of the circle, downward from the point that marks the bottom third of the face (point A). Draw another line down from the cross point of the 'X'. Now, the line of the jaw should angle up from the chin (point B), and cross the previous line about halfway up the bottom third. Keep in mind, the defining line from the chin to the neck is not the jawline itself, but a soft curve of flesh under the jaw bone; the jawline is just there for reference. profile1-3
There's a bit of unavoidable ART in the next bit. draw a 'J' shaped line, starting on the circle, about a third of the way down (point Z), and ending at point A. This is a very characteristic curve; study Pokemon characters to get it right. The tail of the J should come up to at least horizontal, and usually higher. profile1-4